Local to Durango, CO for the past 25 years we have seen and have been an active part to the rise of kayaking, rafting, SUP, wake surfing and river surfing. In the summer of 2019, by happenstance, we saw a video of the Lift eFoil. From that moment, we made it our top priority to acquire and test the Lift eFoil's learning curve, ability to produce a smile and quality of the product.


We are pleased to tell you, from our experiences, that with the right instruction, the Lift eFoil is nowhere close to intimidating as it seems. It was astonishing that within 30min we were able to fly on the foil. It is strange after a few sessions your body innately knows what to do, the same as walking down the street or riding a bike.


Ability to produce a smile: We are still digging deep to find a frown.


As for the quality of the Lift eFoil, simply said, it is superior to 98% of anything you come across in your daily life. No, we are not being paid to say that. As a matter of fact, we are so impressed, we reached out to Lift Foils and asked if we could build our business around their product. 

Coordinate with a couple friends and come take a lesson with us. We are quite confident you will be blown away.


Thanks for taking your time to learn a little more about us.

Bryan Saren

Bella Saren

Grey Saren

Southwest Foils

Durango, CO