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Local to Durango, CO for the past 25 years we have seen and have been an active part to the rise of kayaking, rafting, SUP, wake surfing and river surfing. In the summer of 2019, by happenstance, we saw a video of the Lift eFoil. Our attention was immediately captured, but we questioned how long would it take till we could fly above the water? Is the quality of the product worth the $12,500 price tag? Most of all.... how big would it make us smile?

We are pleased to tell you, that with the right instruction, the Lift eFoil is nowhere close to intimidating as it seems. It was astonishing that within 30 minutes we were able to fly on the foil..... however, I must admit the kids picked it up even quicker! Lift eFoils are the premium manufacturers and epitomize "you get what you pay for"......... and yes.... huge smiles daily!!!


As for the Onewheel, our family has been riding them since their inception. Granted, in 30 minutes you wont be shredding up the town..... but you will be cruising down the river walk. They have been a great  family fun resource for us while enjoying this beautiful area in which we live. We wanted to share this experience with others and teach them so they, in turn, can feel the stoke of carving the paths and trails of southwest Colorado. 

Coordinate with a couple friends and come take a lesson with us. We are quite confident you will be blown away.


Thanks for taking your time to learn a little more about us.

Bryan Saren

Bella Saren

Grey Saren

Southwest Foils

Durango, CO

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